Semi Annual Exam
a thorough examination provides insight into correcting problems early, and offering a satisfactory outcome

Preventative Health Care
routine appointments are 20-30 minutes to allow a thorough discussion of your pet’s individual condition and appropriate course of action. Vaccinations

are tailored to your pet’s specific needs and age. Annual titers may be used to evaluate your pet’s response to prior vaccinations. Our goal is to provide appropriate patient protection without over vaccinating.

Geriatric Exams
helps keep your senior looking and feeling great through the golden years.

Behavioral Consults
We recommend several trainers as well as veterinary behavioral specialist on an as needed basis.

Treatment for several types of cancer can be provided in addition to referral to board certified oncologists.

Dental Care
Dental charting and probing is essential in evaluating and maintaining good oral health. We also offer Ora Vet dental plaque barrier on all our dentals.

In-house service provides rapid results with an optional board certified radiologist to consult on challenging cases.

OFA Certifications
All OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) testing can be performed in house.

General Surgery
Routine surgery is done during the week with the exception of Thursday. All patients are monitored with respiratory monitors, pulse oximetry, and blood pressure. Our surgery suite is equipped with state of the art equipment including a heated surgery table.

Is performed by SonoPet in our office on as as needed basis.

On-Site Laboratory
Full blood chemistry testing, Feline Leukemia, Feline Immunodeficiency and routine Heartworm testing is available on site.

We offer a complete and well stocked pharmacy to meet your pet’s needs. Compounded medications are also available for your pet’s specific needs and for those hard to find medications.

Hospitalization and Medical Treatment
Whether your pet needs to be monitored for observation or needs more intensive care, we provide the highest quality medical care with state of the are monitoring equipment and an experienced medical team.

Pet Identification
Microchips can be implanted under the skin to permanently identify your pet in case of an accidental escape or mishap.